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Saturday, July 29, 2006

A crafting blog

This first post feels rather intimidating. How can I make this brilliant, funny, witty? Apparently I can't, the pressure is just too high.

A bit about the origins of this blog:

I've been blogging on livejournal for about a year and a half now. And I'm more than a little bored with it. Thanks to my neighbor, I have found sites like the Panopticon, where Franklin introduced me not only to Dolores but also to the Yarn Harlot . And through the delightful Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, I have found so many others. And now I am addicted. I am addicted to knitting blogs.

I love how reading them stirs the creative juices. When I read them, I get excited about the possibilities of knitting. And then I realize I've wasted all this time reading, so I should just go grab my current Work In Progress (which, by the way, is a sock at this moment. Thanks, Stephanie!)

Now, you might wonder why I have no pictures (or very few). It is because I am without a digital camera. I know, I know. I can hear the gasps from here. I rely upon the kindness of those who do have digital cameras and the film developing team at Costco to convert my regular film to digital.

Why this dire situation? Well, I'm a grad school student. And I'm trying to be fiscally responsible. And, to be honest, I spent all the camera money on yarn. Can you blame me? I found this great cone of cashmere in New York for only $80. And then I found some Koigu. And... And... And... And so we find me, Abby, without a camera.

But please, stick with me. I am planning to purchase a camera in September when I am settled in my new home in Ohio. I figure it is best not to spend the moving money and our cushion of savings. You know, just in case there's an accident or something. I will try to entertain you with my literary prowess in the meantime.


Blogger k-bomb said...

Abby! I am excited about your new venture in knitting. I tried a hat this year but it wasn't so good. I'm sticking to prayer shawls and scarves until I get my courage back up.

Monday, July 31, 2006 9:11:00 AM  
Blogger Abby said...

Yes, Katie, increases and decreases can be difficult. I wish I could be around this next year to knit with you as I have gotten so much better in the last year.
By the way, I have a few skeins of yarn that I'd like to give you for in-class knitting.
:) Abby

Monday, July 31, 2006 9:52:00 AM  

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