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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Packing up the stash

Today is the day I've been dreading. Today is the day that I pack up my stash of yarn.* I'm moving to Toledo, Ohio for a year of internship and my move day is on August 14th. I've been filling boxes for storage, for shipping, and for Goodwill. I've said goodbye to my books, some of them for a year. But today, I have to put the stash away in a box.

I have to admit that I'm a little nervous about shipping the stash. Granted, I've only recently become a stash person. I've always had little balls of yarn around as leftovers, but it was only this year that I started collecting yarn. Almost every skein has a plan to go with it (except for a couple), but I'm nervous about losing the stash in shipping. I have visions of that one box falling off of the train and tumbling down into a ditch, never to be seen again by a human being, least of all me. I fear yarn thieves who might spot my hoard stash of beautiful yarn. What if they open my boxes to inspect them, spot my noro and decide that the noro must come with them? What about my cone of gorgeous cashmere for my gray cardigan that I so desperately want to knit this Fall?

It's strange how little attachment I have to some things in my apartment, yet my yarn now means a lot to me. I have ideas for its usage. And I have dreams of filling my craft room next year with shelving for my stash and a rocking chair for knitting there.

I hope my yarn will meet me in Toledo.

*Rest assured, dear reader, that packing up the stash does not mean that I have nothing to knit. I am continuing the sock, as well as some booties, and I have a felted bag to finish before we go.


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