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Sunday, February 04, 2007


You'd think that I would have anticipated it. I actually did. I packed my wooly sweaters (2 cardigans, one jumper I bought in the Aran Islands), my long underwear, and my knitting needles (for the odd scarf or hat).
But for the longest time, it was just windy and what I thought was cold. I now know that Winter is in earnest. She was teasing before.
It has been below freezing for over a week. We live in a house that is over 100 years old. This means that our house is cold.
We have the heat on. But even so, I am wearing my long underwear, my jeans, and a wool sweater over that. And I am still cold. The sweater even has a hood. My head is covered, therefore I should not be cold. And yet I am.
Now, I know I am a wuss. I know that I am not as hardcore as Lene
Nevertheless, I am cold. I have been knitting socks like crazy, but I'm being seduced into mittens or gloves, or maybe just those wrist warmers. I'm succumbing.

To return to my hooded sweater... Yesterday, after surveying the limits of my cold weather wardrobe and realizing that a)I am sick of wearing my heavy sweater (which I still love, but I just want a rest from it), and b)the temperature does not seem to be rising, Will and I went on a small shopping excursion to our local Goodwill. And let me tell you about the beautiful finds there. I bought a merino sweater (the one with the hood), which is now helping me to stave off hypothermia. I also bought a turtleneck sweater, also out of merino. And then I got a turtleneck that was an acrylic/nylon/wool blend... but soft enough to wear. And, this is the best part, then I found a cashmere sweater. It's pretty and blue and it fits. And it was $4.50. Yes, $4.50. Not even five bucks. There was another one but it had a hideous collar and wide waste band. I hate that. So the blue came home with me while the pink stayed behind. I just wish I could have found some wool slacks. I could do with a pair of those about now.

And now I'm off to drink some licorice tea from Stash. It's pretty yummy. (even though I usually hate licorice)