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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Knitting at a concert

Back in the days of my time at St. Olaf College, I was not much of one for rock concerts. I'm still not much of one for rock concerts. Give me a symphony, an orchestra, an opera, and I'm happy. But a rock concert is not on the top of my list for anticipated events. As such, I was rarely seen in the concert space at Olaf, called The Pause. The only night of the year that I really anticipated every year was the Michael Gulezian concert. Granted, Michael Gulezian plays acoustic guitar and that may have something to do with it, but it still means that I liked the Pause above all other places on campus for only one day of the year.

Last night, Will and I had tickets to see Michael Gulezian play in a very small venue- Schoenberg guitars in Tiburon, CA. It's a fantastic guitar shop, should you be wondering.

Michael Gulezian, my friend Heather who was visiting from Santa Barbara, me (knitting with sock), Will, and our neighbor and friend Alan.

The second pic is a closer look at the sock. I was working on the heel flap last night and am now up to the gussets today.

The third pic is of Michael Gulezian holding the sock with Heather holding the yarn.

So go, visit Michael's website. He is an amazing musician- and a fun person to hang out with. And he is knitter friendly.


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