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Monday, August 07, 2006

Saying goodbye to San Francisco yarn shops

Saturday was a beautiful yet sad day for me. I bid goodbye to Artfibers yarn store in downtown San Francisco.
A little more than a year ago, I had just gone to the fabric store and purchased some lavender colored linen for a skirt. But I was at a loss for what to pair my pretty new skirt with. My friend Sarah D convinced me that a sweater wasn't really all that hard and that I could knit one with a little bit of learning. And so, on her advice, I began looking at yarn that I might like. I found it at Artfibers. It was Phyz, in color 10, a varied purple that I really liked. The fiber was a cotton/nylon blend, so it worked well with my linen skirt to provide a Spring outfit.

I began that sweater immediately, but when I realized that I had read the directions incorrectly after doing all of the back and half of the front, I ripped back the whole damn thing and started over. I learned a lot and eventually finished the sweater. Unfortunately, when I had designed the sweater at Artfibers using their Knitscape softwear, I had had no idea what I was doing. The person working with me had suggested a number of things, which I had gone along with.

In the end, I had a sweater with 2 inches extra all around and a bit more in some strategic places. Can we say short rows for the bust next time?

I kind of wore the sweater but not really (because I hated it but really liked the yarn), and so I decided to reknit the sweater.

Saturday, I headed into the city, bringing the sweater with me. I redesigned it with the help of Keira, who works at Artfibers and has a background in costume design (she's awesome and way helpful). And while I was there, I also had to buy some of their Tsuki for a Yarn Harlot Snowdrop Shawl. I've knit with Tsuki before, making a simple but gorgeous drop stitch scarf. It turned out beautifully but I gave it to Sarah D for her 25th birthday. So now I have to knit a shawl. It will be my first foray into lace (besides those lace socks out of koigu).

Two other things:
I visited Imagiknit which was awesome and having a sale. I did not purchase anything because I had already purchased the tsuki.

I also heard that my lys is closing. Yes. I will have to dedicate another post to that soon.


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