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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Retreat, retreat!

Yesterday, I returned from the Ohio Lutheran Clergywomen's Retreat (at Camp Mowana Retreat Center) to find that one of my colleagues had given me and Will a pair of free tickets to a Nora Jones concert at the historic Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor. Will made reservations for dinner at Zanzibar in Ann Arbor and off we went. It was delightful. We had a very nice dinner (mussels in red curry sauce to start, arugula salad with shaved fennel, beets, and goat cheese, and sea scallops and pappardelle pasta with saffron cream sauce... mmm). And the concert was great. Will had to go to work at 11, so we had to leave at 9:30, before the show was over, but it was still great. We only knew Nora Jones' first album, so we enjoyed listening to new stuff. We also heard M. Ward whose song Chinese Translation I had heard on Frontier Airlines when I had flown to San Francisco last month.

At the retreat, I was in good company. 4 of the 11 of us were knitters, including my friend Kelly. Kelly and I roomed together and talked until 2:30- oops!

The new bishop from Northeast Ohio was there also, Bishop Elizabeth Eaton. She was down to earth and very funny. I loved hanging out with her and getting to know her. If I didn't have such strong ties in the West, I'd love to have a call with Bishop Eaton as my bishop.

Today, Saturday, has been a day of laundry and cooking and baking. I did 3 loads of laundry this morning and this afternoon I made carrot cake, cinnamon raisin bagels, chocolate banana bread, fresh pasta, and homemade tomato sauce. Dinner totally rocked and now I have stuff to last for the week. Oh, and I went to the store also somewhere in there.

About our local grocery store:
We live in a very diverse part of Toledo, and our local grocery store caters a lot to soul food. It's funny, because shopping becomes a cross-cultural experience. I can get cooked chitlins, but I can't get fresh bread. I can get pork fat back for beans, but I can't get prosciutto. For the most part, we do find basics there. We also shop mostly at Trader Joe's and Costco in the Ann Arbor area and supplement with stuff from our local grocery. I cannot wait until the farmer's market begins on Saturday. Hurrah!

In knitting news:
I finished a pair of socks for Dulaan. At the retreat, I also cast on and finished a hat for Dulaan. It feels good to have 2 items done, and I'm wondering if there is interest to have a Dulaan-a-thaan here in Ohio. No one has responded, so I don't know. My LYS has said they would be willing to host, I just have to give them the word. We'll see.


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