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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

After a brief 2 month pause...

Alright, so the pause wasn't so brief.
All of a sudden, it was Thanksgiving, then Advent, then Christmas, New Year's, and then all sorts of continuing ed. It has flown by. I can't even believe that it's Candlemas on Friday.

The knitting- it has flown by also. Since I last blogged, I believe that I have knit several things...

Oh, and on Dec. 1, I was in a major car accident... from which I walked away. And then bought yarn to commemorate how all of us lived and were more or less okay (biggest injury sustained by anyone in the car: broken collarbone from the seat belt). Pretty amazing for the 5 people in a car that rolled over at highway speeds.

So the knitting I've done since November:
I knit blue socks for my little sister and sent them to Hungary for Christmas
-little yellow socks for my nephew who turned 2 in December
-beautiful socks for ML out of Lorna's Laces in the Citron pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
-A hat and scarf (for myself) (I think that's since then... not sure)

I forget what else I've knit. It's been good times.

Last week I went up to Grand Rapids, MI to Mars Hill Bible Church where Rob Bell is one of the pastors. That was pretty awesome. There was a conference on the church. The theology was so spot on that I was blown away. I hadn't expected that a church that size in suburbia would be so progressive. But it was. And it made me reconsider my vow never to serve in a mega church. I might do it if it were like Mars Hill.


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