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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ah, I am slain

Today marks my death in Sock Wars. It's been a good time. My socks were almost completely knit by Sock Wars assassin Yarmando.
I am wearing my socks right now.
This is the second pair of hand knit socks that I have ever owned.
I had a pair in college that my freshman year roommate's mom made for me for Christmas. They were in the colors from the Dr. Seuss book _Oh the Places You'll Go_, a classic for any college student. Sadly for me, the washing machines had a history of eating socks, which I did not realize. My most notable casualty, discovered during midterms of the Spring semester, was one of the pair. The remaining sock, still beloved, became a whiteboard eraser that lived on my bulletin board on my door for the rest of my college days. I think I still have it somewhere in a box from my college days.

Thanks, Don!


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