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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sock wars and Socktoberfest

On sockwars:
I have now sent off the socks for Force of Nature, my second target. As soon as she receives her pretty pink socks, she will be dead. Rest in peace, and enjoy your socks!

On socktoberfest,
I have to say that I never signed up for Socktober, but I have been knitting socks. I completed the pair for sock wars, and have knit sock one of the Christmas socks for my MIL. I also cast on a sock for my little sister for Christmas. I'm to the foot on that one.

Also, even though I'm on a yarn diet, I bought 2 bags of yarn from another member of my knitting guild. She had owned a yarn store, but has closed it since. So I got some plain white cotton/nylon blend and some plain black cotton/nylon blend for two cardigans. I'm still trying to finish the swatch for the white, which will be the first one to be knit up, I think. I'm in desperate need of a new white cardigan because the one I have is wearing out.

So the knitting continues.

Yesterday I was at a workshop called "Orienting to Ministry" and I knit the whole way through. It was with a bunch of pastors, mostly from rural settings. I think I surprised them, because knitting seems so demure, yet I told them that I was knitting for sock wars. I suppose death by sock sounds a little more violent than most people's picture of grandma knitting. But I bet that grandmas can get mad, and one must always be careful around people who routinely have pointy sticks with them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that I know my demise is near, I'm looking forward to receiving the socks.

It sounds like you made a great score with the yarn from one of your knitting guild members. I'd love to see pictures of the finished product.

And I love the fact that you were knitting on my socks during the ministry workshop and turning so many heads!

Will you be returning to Oregon any time in the near future? We've got a great knitting guild here in Tigard.

I'll be rooting for you in the Sock Wars. Make us proud!

--Katrina (AKA Force of Nature)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 10:45:00 AM  

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