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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Coming out of the haze

For you knitters out there, no, I'm not referring to Kid Silk Haze.

But for all of you adventuring people out there, I am speaking of the haze that one finds oneself in when in a foreign land. If you are confused by my term "foreign land" because you remember that I am in Toledo, then let me explain.

The North End of Toledo, where I live, is not like other places. Yes, we have stop signs and homes and even churches, but the North End is a place apart. I have never lived anywhere like it before. The paradoxes are myriad. Homes that look nice have no electricity- not because the wiring isn't there, but because there is no money to pay the bill. Children refuse to go to school, not because their homework isn't done (no one would give out homework anyway because students won't do it), but because their clothes don't look right.

Anyway, I'm writing this to say that I'm finally starting to see things a bit more clearly. Or at least it feels that way- like when a fog starts to burn off. I'm coming into the sunny days, even if the rain pours in real life.

On a fibery-goodness note, I completed my socks for Sock Wars 2006. I finished them at the Ohio ELCA Clergywomen's retreat at Our Lady of the Pines retreat center in Fremont, OH. It was very pretty there, and I made a friend. Kelly is a pastor in NE OH, which kind of sucks because she's far away. But I was delighted to meet her, so I hope we'll see each other soon.

The bad news is that my target has not emailed me with her address. So I have 2 socks, all done up and nowhere to go. I suspect that my target is being sneaky and refusing to send me her address so that she will not die.
I hope that Yarn Monkey will email me instead so that I may kill my target properly, before my assassin gets me.

In other fibery-goodness news, I'm almost done with another Christmas present. You heard me, I've got almost 2 done! With the amount of people in my family, though, that's not too great. I've got to get crackin'.


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