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Sunday, August 20, 2006

We're here!

We set out early on Monday morning from Berkeley.
Yesterday afternoon, which was Saturday, we arrived in Toledo, Ohio. We have arrived at our new home.
In between, I decided to stick with knitting Will's striped socks, and I turned the heel of the second one on Friday. We were in Indiana visiting family during that part of the trip, and, unfortunately, since then I have not had time to knit. One of my goals yesterday was to actually get time to knit, but I was too brain dead to remind myself to sit down with my knitting bag.

We are living in the parish house of the church where I'll be working. The house is old, although we have new fridge and stove (gas- yippee!). We do have a working washer and dryer (in the kitchen, which I think a little strange), and we have a ton of furniture, quite a bit of which should go. There's just too much. So today after church, we'll be moving furniture to the attic (which needs a good cleaning) and then tonight when Amtrak opens at 8:30 (weird that they're open all night but not during the afternoon, eh?), we'll go get our boxes.

I got a tour yesterday, and the church itself is beautiful. It's an historic building, and I'll have to get some photos to show you all. Just beautiful.
The neighborhood is a little rough, just as I expected. But we feel safe in our house and the car is insured.
By the way, it is way humid here. Sometimes, I feel like I'm swimming through the air. Yuck.

I got some good photos (again with other peoples' cameras) on the way here, so sock pictures are forthcoming.


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