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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dulaaning along (and also sewing)

Who knows why, but last night after confirmation, I came home to an empty house and pulled out a project I've been intending to work on since August. It's not knitting, but rather sewing. For our second anniversary, I got cotton for curtains at our place this year. Will and I wanted a home, not a temporary apartment for the year. Well, we have a temporary apartment, but I'm making it into a home. Will painted accent walls in the living room around Christmas time. Now I'm making curtains at only 2 months until we leave. But we will leave this apartment in better shape than we found it. I can only hope that the next tenants will enjoy the colors as much as we do.

I cast on for another hat last night at confirmation. This hat is intended for Dulaan. This is item number 4 of 5, with one month to go before the deadline. This is a very reasonable amount of time.


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