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Friday, December 21, 2007

Beloved, let us love one another

Today, I was on call at the hospital. Right when I came in this morning, I became involved in a very sad situation, where a man in his 30's was critically ill. That is not the story- things like that happen every day- and it's sad, but it happens.  The remarkable part of the story is the amazing crowd of people that gathered around him.  This man was surrounded by a changing cast of about 20 people- always about 20 people, filling the waiting room to overflowing, constantly changing the guard at the bedside, singing to him, shedding tears for him (the nurse said she had never seen so many men cry so openly).  The richness of the love pouring from this group of friends was incredible.  It made me think of my group of friends from college.
Recently I wrote to a friend of mine: 

I know that as we all grow into our new lives and scatter to do the work God has put before us and called us to, we will all change and grow. To me there is something very special about my friends from college- a small tribe that I know I can count on, people that I could call should anything devastating ever happen to me or Will and they would come. I imagine going to each others' funerals after long lives of staying in touch.  There is nothing like an old friend, someone you can catch up with but don't have to tell the backstory, someone you know before you became who you are now. I treasure each and every one of my friends and that God that I get the honor and privilege to share this journey we call life with them and with you, my friends. 

I'm grateful for you, my friends.  


Blogger k-bomb said...

Abby- I am thankful for you. LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007 10:13:00 AM  

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