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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Knitting update- shawls, sockapalooza, socks, booties

Now, I know that I have disappeared for a while. I have a valid excuse. I was moving and packing and finishing internship.
I did finish the Wing of the Moth shawl for my friend in time for her wedding on July 28. It is spectacular, the best knitting I've ever done.
If I can make picasa shrink the photo when I get my computer back (that's another story altogether), I'll post the one I was emailed.
I did finish the socks for sockapalooza, right on the deadline. I had already started the move by that time, having left Toledo on Monday. I was then in Chicago for the ELCA's churchwide assembly. I finished the socks on the first day there and sent them off promptly. My sockpal has not updated her blog since May, so we may never know if she got them. then again, perhaps the socks will spur her to new blogging heights.
As for receiving my socks, I am not yet in California, where my socks are being sent. I'm still enroute.
Because I had not yet received my socks, I started knitting some for myself. I'm doing a spiral pattern on multi-colored wool.
We stopped in Minnesota for a couple days for a little R&R and friend time before heading across the plains. This turned out to be a great idea. I went sailing with my friend Matt. Those of you who know me in real life will, of course, be astonished that I actually loved it and want to do it again. Like a little child who protests eating vegetables and then wants more, I had a great time and dream of sailing again. Of course, this gives no end of joy to my partner Will who already loves to sail. Alas, I have certain parameters to the sailing I will do. I want to sail on small lakes in small boats. I do not want to sail on the Bay in a big sailboat- they rock too much.
I also spent many hours swimming, pulling lake weeds, and knitting dishcloths for presents. Because who doesn't like a good dishcloth, really?
Next post: on knitting and books across North Dakota and Montana.


Anonymous gina d. said...

Hi Abby,
I received the socks today and I love them! Thank you so much for knitting them especially as it seems like you have been very busy!. I will post a picture of them in the next few days. I have been having problems with my camera, so will have to use my daughters when she gets back from her dads.
Thanks again,

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 5:25:00 PM  

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