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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pizza night!

Will is in New England visiting family, so tonight, when I made pizza (one of our favorites) I didn't have to make any adjustments for his sensibilities. I made a whole wheat dough (almost completely whole wheat, hardly any white flour), with lots of toppings (Will likes sparser pizza) and I didn't eat the crust (which he always does and I usually give him mine).

He won't be back until Friday, so I have the house to myself for the week. I've been reading, listening to the radio, and knitting. I've also been working a ton.

In the knitting world, I've cast on for a hat for Dulaan. It's in 3x3 ribbing all the way (I've never done a hat like that, but I think it will be nice). It will also be fast, which is good as the deadline is soon.

I've also been working on Sarah and Bruce's afghan. I finally got through ball #8. There are 12 balls, so I'm 2/3rds of the way through. It's already huge, so I'm not sure if I can finish it this summer. It's hot and humid here today. I think I'll have to save it for days when it is stormy and cold.


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